The Cartoon Cartoon Show is an anthology compliation of Cartoon Cartoons that aired on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays. There are different versions of the showcase


During the summer of 2000, Cartoon Network would ran a half-hour block of Cartoon Cartoons every Friday at 9:00pm. The block would start off with the premiere of a new Cartoon Cartoon short that would be considered for a series. The second short would be the "Host Pick", where the host would present a short from a Cartoon Cartoon series. The final shourt would be the ".com Pick", in the audience would vote to pick one out of three shorts on and then the short with the most votes would get shown on Friday night.

Starting that fall up until the spring of 2001, the show moved to 7:00pm and it started with the Host Pick, followed by the .com Pick, which only happened in the case of two 11-minute shorts. If the show aired three 7-minute shorts, the second short would be "chosen" via a roulette wheel.


Starting in February 2002, The Cartoon Cartoon Show returned in the late night/early morning slot of 5:00am. Here, the shorts were just like how the show would run outside of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays: a half-hour of cartoons (mostly one-shots) from different creators. The show was taken off that summer, but it returned in the spring of 2003 as the last show of the block at 12:30am. This makes it the last program ever broadcast on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays on its final night of May 16, 2003.