During Cartoon Cartoon Fridays run on Cartoon Network, several promotional VHS tapes were released through the years to promote the block. These tapes usually contained episodes of shows seen on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays and The Cartoon Cartoon Show, as well as promos for CCF programming between then.


Front Cover Back Cover Featured cartoons
Scan0112 Scan0113
  • Dexter's Laboratory: "Dexter's Lab: A Story"
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: "It's Way Ed"
  • Cow and Chicken: "Black Sheep of the Family"
  • The Powerpuff Girls: "Mommy Fearest"
  • Johnny Bravo: "Bravo 13"
  • I Am Weasel: "My Friend, the Smart Banana"
  • A sneak peek at Mike, Lu & Og and Courage the Cowardly Dog:
  • Cow and Chicken: "Chicken in the Bathroom"
  • Cow and Chicken: "Pirate Lessons"
  • Dexter's Laboratory: "Snowdown"
  • Dexter's Laboratory: "Picture Day"
  • Mike, Lu & Og: "The Tube"
  • The Powerpuff Girls: "Slumbering with the Enemy"
  • The Powerpuff Girls: "Cootie Gras"
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: "The Duck Brothers"
  • Johnny Bravo: "A Boy and His Bird"
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: "Who, What, Where, Ed!"
  • I Am Weasel: "I Am Whale Captain"
  • A sneak peek at Sheep in the Big City
Scan0115 Scan0114
  • Johnny Bravo: "Buffoon Lagoon"
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: "Stop, Look and Ed"
  • The Powerpuff Girls: "Los Dos Mojos"
  • Dexter's Laboratory: "The Continuum of Cartoon Fools"
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: "Night of the Weremole"
  • I Am Weasel: "I Are Terraformer!"
  • A sneak peek at Sheep in the Big City

The Cartoon Cartoon Show VHS ReleasesEdit

VHS Title Release Date Segments, Episodes and Shorts
Having Fun 2000
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: Cartoon Cartoon of the Day
  • Cow and Chicken Short: Trampoline Tounge
  • Cow and Chicken Cartoon: Can Cow Come Out and Play?
  • Dexter's Laboratory Cartoon: Game Show
  • Dexter's Laboratory Short: Never Played with Scissors
  • The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon: Tough Love
  • The Powerpuff Girls Short: Bubbles' Stuffed Friends
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog Cartoon: The Duck Brothers
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: Tiger Feet
  • Johnny Bravo Cartoon: A Boy and His Bird
  • Johnny Bravo Short: Chess Match
  • Ed, Edd,'n Eddy Cartoon: It's Way Ed
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: Magic Dance
  • I Am Weasel Short: It is all Physics
  • I Am Weasel Cartoon: I Are Good Dog!
Get Well Soon 2000
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: YMCA
  • Cow and Chicken Short: Race to New York
  • Cow and Chicken Cartoon: Playin' Hookie
  • Dexter's Laboratory Cartoon: Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster
  • Dexter's Laboratory Short: An Nice Sit
  • The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon: Geshundfight
  • The Powerpuff Girls Short: Gonin' Fishing
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog Cartoon: Night of the Weremole
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: Billie Jean
  • Johnny Bravo Cartoon: I, Fly
  • Johnny Bravo Short: Stump the Stump
  • Ed, Edd,'n Eddy Cartoon: Flea-Bitten Ed
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: Sing Sing Sing
  • I Am Weasel Short: Babbonpox
  • I Am Weasel Cartoon: Disease Fiesta
Discover the Wonders 2001
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: It Take Two Baby
  • Cow and Chicken Short: Buzzy Bees
  • Cow and Chicken Cartoon: The Laughing Puddle
  • Dexter's Laboratory Cartoon: A Hard Day's Day
  • Dexter's Laboratory Short: What's That
  • The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon: Speed Demon
  • The Powerpuff Girls Short: An Powerpuff Race
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog Cartoon: A Night at the Katz Motel
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: Jump, Jive an' Wail
  • Johnny Bravo Cartoon: Brave New Johnny
  • Johnny Bravo Short: Gladiator
  • Ed, Edd,'n Eddy Cartoon: Look into My Eds
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: King of the Road
  • I Am Weasel Short: Weasel Mysteries
  • I Am Weasel Cartoon: Queen of DeNile
It's Showtime 2001
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: No Business like Show Business
  • Cow and Chicken Short: Bull Fight
  • Cow and Chicken Cartoon: Stay Awake
  • Dexter's Laboratory Cartoon: Sister's Got a Brand New Bag
  • Dexter's Laboratory Short: Dexter's Funny Joke
  • The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon: Paste Makes Waste
  • The Powerpuff Girls Short: Storytime
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog Cartoon: The Hunchback of Nowhere
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: Aba Daba Honeymoon
  • Johnny Bravo Cartoon: Johnny's Telethon
  • Johnny Bravo Short: How Many Licks
  • Ed, Edd,'n Eddy Cartoon: Sir Ed-a-Lot
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: Jollity Farm
  • I Am Weasel Short: Exercise with Weasel
  • I Am Weasel Cartoon: Dessert Island
Making new Friends 2001
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: We are Family
  • Cow and Chicken Short: Don't Swim to Far
  • Cow and Chicken Cartoon: P.E.
  • Dexter's Laboratory Cartoon: Ol' McDexter
  • Dexter's Laboratory Short: Major Glory
  • The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon: Stuck Up, Up and Away
  • The Powerpuff Girls Short: Powerpuffs love Cookies
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog Cartoon: The Gods Must Be Goosey
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: Blue Suede Shoes
  • Johnny Bravo Cartoon: The Prince and the Pinhead
  • Johnny Bravo Short: Beautiful Day
  • Ed, Edd,'n Eddy Cartoon: Virt-Ed-Go
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: The Great Writer
  • I Am Weasel Short: Hot-Baboon
  • I Am Weasel Cartoon: My Friend, the Smart Banana
Toon Capers 2001
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: L'L'Lucy
  • Cow and Chicken Short: Red's Beauty Tip
  • Cow and Chicken Cartoon: Happy Meat
  • Dexter's Laboratory Cartoon: Ice Cream Scream
  • Dexter's Laboratory Short: Dirty Sister
  • The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon: Ploys R' Us
  • The Powerpuff Girls Short: Tickle Me Sister
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog Cartoon: Courage in the Big Stinkin' City
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: A Hard Day's Night
  • Johnny Bravo Cartoon: Good Knight Johnny
  • Johnny Bravo Short: Activity Time
  • Ed, Edd,'n Eddy Cartoon: Stop, Look and Ed
  • Cartoon Cartoon Music Video: Walking Miracle
  • I Am Weasel Short: The Baboon Hunt
  • I Am Weasel Cartoon: Baboon Man and Boy Weasel